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About us

Welcome to FCM! A little background info: my brother-in-law, Paul, created Family Crest Mirrors in 2015. The mirror signifies a celebration of family. Our “Family Crest” was designed with our last name in the center of the mirror and oak leaves in the corners. We liked the idea of using oak leaves because, to us, they signified a family’s growth.  The tree starts as a small seed, like our family, but it grows and grows into a mighty oak. That single oak tree may produce a forest and change the shape of the world. 

Shortly after the launch of FCM, my sister, Samantha, gave birth to her son J.P. Family Crest Mirrors was given a stronger meaning. As time passed and life got busy, it only made sense to reach out for assistance...

My name is Jen, and this is my husband Reid, along with our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Barney. In 2020 we will welcome our first born son. I am honored to take over the amazing small, family-owned business. The story of the oak leaves lives on! 


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